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Welcome to Kelt Boats

We can help ensure that you have the best time of your life in the middle of the lake with only peace in mind.

Sailing Boats

Sailing a boat requires experience and if you are an experienced sailer we have the right boats.

Motor Boats

Want to send some time with your family floating on water, motor boats can help you enjoy the peace.


Planning a tour with a family with fishing, we have the right catamaran for you.

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About Us

We at kelt boat want you have an enjoyable adventurous life where even you family can involved and have a great time on top of a boat.

What our customers say about us

I wanted to enjoy some time alone with my friends and decide on taking a boat to the middle of the ocean and with Kelt boats we ended up having a great time.

Maria R. Wigfall

If you want to spend some quality family time kelt Boats is your best bet as they have some amazing service which can help you enjoy without any stress.

Melissa D. Masi

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